On being at home in oneself

There is only the pose.
I say silently to myself,
now and then incessantly,
God Forgive Me.

The crucial insight from Christ
Is that we live among others,
That we inevitably depend on
Each other, and that we must
Sometimes look each other in
The eye and own who we are,
Which, as we learned earlier
From Aristotle, is only the sum
Of what we have done,
In arithmetic with what
Others have done to us.

Habits form with repetition.
Learning is always based in
Imitation, even when the
Object we imitate is an imagined
Aggregate of our own past behaviors.

Falstaff bids young men addict themselves to sweet wine.
Addiction is nothing but the most forcible of habits. I’ve
Trafficked in distinctions before that I no longer respect:
Of course every addiction is a chemical addiction.
We are chemical beings.

We are hydraulic beings.
The blood in your feet while
Standing must inevitably have
Higher pressure than the blood
In your head.

The most profound discovery about the brain
Is that it is sensorially inert – you don’t feel
Your brain. On the other hand you can feel
The shift of your brain inside your skull,
If you pay attention, with an unstiff neck.

Rule number one: breath. A breath is
An irreducible unit of life.


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